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6 tips for getting ready for uni

Need help preparing for university? We'll unwrap some uni tips to get you started!
Teenage girl and boy sitting at outdoor table at university

Preparing for university study in Australia? You might have yet to decide on your degree or have already accepted an offer to university and started to enrol in courses, but wonder what else is there to do before it’s time to hit the books.

Starting at uni can seem daunting and a big change from high school routine… if you aren’t organised. There are so many things to think about, do, plan, and perhaps buy and pack. It definitely leads to some ‘who said being a grown-up was fun?’ moments! But, despite all that, the fun of exploring your next step in life and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re actually doing it, adulting all by yourself, makes all those daunting moments totally worth it.

Here are some ideas of habits you can start to adapt now to make the transition from high school easier and general university tips to help with your prepping.

1. Make sure you're organised 

If you’re moving out of home, to live at UniSQ’s Residential Colleges or somewhere close to campus, remember to request/read a list of what’s provided at each accommodation option (bedding, pots and pans, basic furniture etc.) to figure out what else you need.

Whether you choose to study from home, on campus or on the bus on your way to work; a laptop, computer or mobile device with a reliable internet connection is a must. Your learning resources, forums, assessment information, study schedule, and lecturers are all available on our online platform StudyDesk.

If you’re not into typing notes during classes, you may need to invest in some good old-fashioned stationary. Top things on a university stationary list could be:

  • notebooks
  • pens
  • a folder for print-outs
  • water bottle
  • a bag to carry everything in.

Considering what to wear to university? Some people say that the best thing about university is the free dress code but for others, ‘free dress’ can be the scariest thing! Stocking up on some uni wardrobe basics can ease your mind. If you know how to put the basics together, you will have an endless supply of super rad uni outfits.

2. Start budgeting – your time and your money

Unlike at high school, where teachers told you what to do and where to be according to a set timetable every day, you are your own boss at university.  This can feel liberating to some, but it’s also the reason why some students have to scramble to get work done and drop out of courses due to poor time management. We recommend start looking at info about getting you started with study as well as your class schedule early so you know when you need to set aside time for study and when you can sit back and relax or hang out with friends.

It’s easy to get carried away with spending money when thinking of what to take to uni in Australia. Even if you only buy the uni essentials as listed above, it can be challenging to be in charge of your own expenses. Want to know how you can thrive on a student budget? We have compiled some tips to help you save where you can so that you can spend where you need (and want) to.

Overhead view of organised study desk with laptop and study materials

3. Make your study easier and fun

Study is just the start. The friends you make. The skills you grow. The events you attend. There’s so much more to uni life than study – and you’re free to choose how to get involved with our clubs, societies, sporting teams, leadership programs to create your unique university experience. 

4. Build your network

While getting ready for uni, you can look at joining on-campus or online social groups or study groups, such as UniSQ’s Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) or Facebook groups for your field of study. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved as well as learning support options. Speaking with experienced former students of a particular course or area of interest provide an opportunity to engage with others in the same boat and allow you to understand not only ‘what to learn’, but ‘how to learn’. 

Growing your network and connections means growing an entrepreneurial mindset – which can help you access all kinds of amazing career opportunities down the track. 

5. Benefit from personalised career planning advice

Even if you’ve got your heart set on a career or certain profession already, take the initiative to develop your employability skills from day one. Book an appointment with a career advisor and get started! Work one-on-one with our Careers and Employability Team to set goals and strategies to guide you towards the best possible career option. UniSQ’s Industry Mentoring Program is available online as well – so you can be just as career-ready if you’re learning remotely. We also have online webinars and workshops that can help you prepare for graduate recruitment.

What if I don't qualify for an undergraduate degree? Or wonder how to get into university regardless of or without an ATAR? Don’t worry! If you don’t meet the entry requirements to get into your desired degree, there are many alternative entry options available to you. Studying a UniSQ pathway program could gain you direct entry into a degree. It can also help you ease into university study, especially if you are nervous about stepping into higher education. 

6. Access support when you need it

Planning for your life after school is an exciting prospect and at UniSQ we can help you plan your future during your year 10, 11 or 12 studies. If you’ve got questions and need to talk to someone, the UniSQ iConnect team offers all the services and support you need before and while studying at UniSQ – all in the one place. So you’ll always know exactly who to reach out to if you need a hand.