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Upskill with the Graduate Certificate of Business

The Graduate Certificate of Business (GCBU) is designed to help you advance in your workplace with a postgraduate qualification or as a first step towards a Masters degree. You can now complete this program entirely through UniSQ's UpSkill minicourses. UpSkill minicourses are industry relevant and interactive. The skills and knowledge you gain can be applied straight away.

Studying through UpSkill gives you more flexibility around when you undertake your studies, without being locked into UniSQ semesters. The Graduate Certificate of Business comprises of 16 minicourses, equivalent to 4 full credit point courses. After you successfully complete the assessment for each minicourse you will be issued with your badge.

Pay as you go by registering for each minicourse individually. Complete minicourses in any order and intake you choose.

Applying for the Graduate Certificate of Business

To be eligible to graduate with the full Graduate Certificate of Business, you must apply and meet all entry requirements, after which time all successfully completed minicourses will count towards your program. Apply any time.

Alternate entry means you don't necessarily have to have completed an undergraduate bachelor degree. You may be able to enter the Graduate Certificate of Business based on relevant professional work experience.

Accessing FeeHELP

After you have been admitted into the Graduate Certificate of Business you have the option to access FeeHELP during your studies. Enrol as usual through UConnect. You can enrol in any contributing minicourse in any of the 2021 teaching blocks (PDF 237 KB).

Contributing minicourses

There are currently 16 minicourses available to contribute to the Graduate Certificate of Business. Each minicourse is worth 0.25 credit points. Complete all 16 minicourses to make up 4 full credit points.

Complete all 4 stackable minicourses to complete the 1 full credit point parent course. Choose 4 groupings from the 5 listed. All 4 minicourses within each group must be completed.

EDU8400 Mentoring and Coaching  UED8021 Professional Conversations – Coaching
UED8022 Professional Conversations – Mentoring
UED8023 Professional Conversations – Feedback
UED8023 Professional Conversations – Leading through conversation
PCM5000 Practical Editorial Skills UPC5011 Connecting with Audience
UPC5012 Generating Social Media
UPC5013 Creating Credible Content
UPC5014 Crafting Professional Publications
MGT8037 Leading teams to success 

UMG8011 Walking into a toxic team
UMG8012 Leveraging team diversity for success
UMG8013 Cultivating a global mindset for success
UMG8014 Empowering teams for creativity

MGT8038 Leadership development 

UMG8021 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
UMG8022 Transition from Friend to Leader
UMG8023 Intractable problems
UMG8024 The ethical leadership path

CIS8710 Human Factors in Cyber Security
UCS8011 Understanding the Human Cyber Threat
UCS8012 Social Engineering Cyber Attacks
UCS8013 Insider Cyber Threats
UCS8014 Building a cyber resilient workforce