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QTAC offers and preferences

Changing your QTAC preferences

You’re able to change your preferences even after you’ve submitted your QTAC application through QTAC’s application services portal. It’s free to change up to 3 times before a fee is applied.

Find out the final date
to change your preferences.

Why you may like to change your preferences:

  • you might change your mind about what you want to study
  • your OP or selection rank is higher or lower than you expected
  • you receive an offer for a degree but want to study a different degree that's offered in a later round.

If you are unsure about your OP or selection rank

If you’re concerned that your results aren’t enough to receive entry into the degree you want after getting your OP or selection rank, you can change your preferences:

  • to a different degree that's less competitive for entry
  • apply for another degree that might help you get accepted into the degree you desire in the future. For example, apply for an Associate Degree that may help you transfer to a Bachelor degree after a year of study.

Receiving an offer to study

As a QTAC applicant you’ll receive an offer email directly from QTAC, so make sure you check your emails regularly. Visit QTAC to check their offer round dates.

Once you’ve got your offer make sure you accept it as soon as possible through the QTAC’s Application Services portal. We’ll then support you to get you enrolled in your subjects (courses), ready to start.

Personalised support

Tailored support

Have a question but not sure who to talk to? UniSQ’s support services are in one place with iconnect. Reach out to our iconnect support staff to help you solve issues or point you in the right direction.