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Tony Noon Memorial Scholarship

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Limited (APPEA) invites applications from Honors, Masters or PhD students from an Australian university for the award of a one-off grant to a maximum value of $3,000. Applicants must be attending the university in the year of application and must be an Australian resident or citizen.
The purpose of the scholarship is to help students aspiring to, or considering, a career in the Australian oil and gas industry in any discipline directly related to the industry. This could include, but is not restricted to, exploration, safety, engineering, environment, and economic or legal areas.
Applicants may seek funds for purposes including but not limited to:

  • Travel within or outside Australia
  • Attendance at a relevant conference to present a paper or poster describing their original work in a petroleum-related discipline.
  • Work with relevant companies or academic institutions.

Funds awarded must be used as set out in the successful application.
The fund has been established in memory of Tony Noon who made an outstanding contribution to
the petroleum industry through his work with the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy
and later as a member of the APPEA staff.

Maximum value of $3,000.00