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GRDC Research Scholarship

The GRDC Research Scholarships (GRS) are available to undertake post-graduate research in areas of priority for the GRDC and its stakeholders. These scholarships are awarded based on:

  • Academic excellence of the applicant
  • Relevance of proposed research to the GRDC Priority Area; and
  • Evidence of industry endorsement, contribution or involvement.

Details of the GRDC Priority Areas, eligibility and selection criteria, and application process, can be found on the GRDC Research Scholarship webpage.

For those candidates who achieve a RTP scholarship, the GRDC will offer a top up scholarship to the value of 75% of the base RTP; $5,000 per annum travel to attend conferences, workshops or skills development; and $10,000 per annum operating.

For those candidates who don’t receive a RTP scholarship, the GRDC will offer a scholarship at 75% of the combined value of base RTP and the GRDC top up. The institution will need to contribute at least $10,000 operating which includes travel.

The GRDC Research Scholarship is a set annual amount for a maximum of 3 years.

For more details please visit the GRDC Website.