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Geopolymer Concrete Launch Pads PhD Stipend

UniSQ is offering two stipend (living allowance) scholarships for international/domestic students studying, or commencing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 2022/2023. It is part of the iLAuNCH project – Geopolymer Concrete Launch Pads. The students will work with Rock Trade Industries (RTI).

Focus: This project takes advantage of the high temperature resistance and low carbon emission of geopolymer concrete as protective pad for launch site. 

Background: Geopolymer concrete is a more environmentally friendly concrete to traditional Portland cement. It relies on minimally processed natural materials or industrial by-products to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of cement production, while also being highly resistant to many common concrete durability issues.

  • Stipend of AUD $32,000 per annum.
  • Maximum period of tenure of an award is three years. Periods of study already undertaken towards the degree will be deducted from the period of tenure.