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Forecasting for Decision Making

Join the Longreach Node of the SQNNSW Innovation Hub and the Northern Australian Climate Program in Longreach on June 2 to find out more about what drives rainfall in the region, how El Niño might impact, and what forecasting tools are available and how to use them.
02 JUN 2023
9.00 AM - 2.00 PM
AgForce North Queensland, 33 Duck Street, Longreach, Queensland, 4730

Featured guest Dr Tim Cowan, UniSQ, will explain:

  • What drives rainfall and temperature in my region?
  • What does El Niño really mean? How does it impact my region?
  • Does BoM get it wrong? How to interpret forecasts and seasonal outlooks

NACP Climate Mate Vicki Mayne will show you:

  • Forecasting tools for decision making: what’s out there, when to use and how to utilise them to help maximise profitability and resilience challenging seasons
  • Bring your laptop or iPad and follow along!

Q & A Session facilitated by SQNNSW Innovation Hub's Ally Murray.

Contact information: Longreach Node Manager Ally Murray, 0448 275 416 or email