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Maintaining productivity in a variable climate - Moree

Animal Nutrition and Management
15 SEP 2022
9.00 AM - 3.00 PM
Yaama Ganu Gallery, 211 Balo St, Moree, NSW, 2400
  • Are you achieving optimum healthy weight gains, if not double weight gain kg/day in your livestock operation?
  • Do you have problems with worms; pink eye; barbers’ pole; buffalo fly, ongoing health issues?
  • Is your oat crop and livestock not performing this winter? Understand why.

Melissa is principal of The Sustainable Paddock which is an independent consultancy and regenerative farming coaching service specialising in livestock nutrition, mineral supplements.

What is covered in the workshop

  • Mineral nutrition, mineral supplement designs, mineral deficiency and impacts on your livestock operation - connecting to your WHY.
  • Increasing the knowledge and choosing the appropriate tools from the “toolboxes” at the right time and enhancing natural resources, while improving natural cycles in their farm and business, for their holistic context.
  • Local case studies showing both soil and nutritional feed test and linking back to animal performance.

Armidale Node Manager, Lu Hogan - Ag360

Lu Hogan, Manager of the Armidale Node of the SQNNSW Innovation Hub, will also present the latest technology on Ag360 which records farm management data as well as predicting rainfall, soil moisture, pasture growth, animal weight and health risks up to 6 months in advance.

Further information

Cost: free

To find out more, please contact Rachel Dorney, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, on 0474 888 265.