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Regenerative Rangelands | Forum & Field Day

Exploring drought resilience through soil and pasture health, biodiversity, natural capital and emerging markets.
20 - 21 APR 2022
8.00 AM - 3.00 PM
Longreach Civic Centre & Latrobe Station, Longreach

Soak up knowledge from a dynamic range of presenters; engage in lively Q&A sessions and roll up your sleeves for some practical field day activities and demonstrations.

The spotlight will be on building drought resilience through a focus on soil & pasture health, biodiversity, productivity, natural capital and tapping in to emerging markets.

Wednesday 20 April

Location: Longreach Civic Centre
Time: Registrations open at 8.00am for an 8:30am start - 5pm close

Explore how soil health and landscape ecology interact with grazing management and livestock productivity. Discover examples of landscape rehydration works, regenerating land in extensive pastoral operations in semi arid rainfall zones.

Discuss whether currently evolving markets, policies and consumer trends, are creating opportunities to support graziers, landscape managers and associated networks, in enhancing the resilience of their businesses and grazing ecosystems.

Thursday 21 April

Location: Field Day @ Latrobe & Arlington Park
Time: Registrations open at 8:30am for a 9.00am start

Pull on your boots and roll up your sleeves, for a range of interactive activities at the field day:

  • Pasture Plant Walk
  • Soil Profiling Activities with Bruce Alchin
  • Dung Beetles
  • Explore a landscape rehydration demonstration site with Glenn Landsberg
  • Monitoring pastures & natural capital (some methods & tools.

Further information

Further information is avilable. 

The Regenerative Rangelands; Abundant Landscapes and Vibrant Communities project is supported by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, and the SQNNSW Innovation Hub.