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Inclusion and diversity – Why there is a place for everyone in ag

Future Drought Fund | ARLF webinar
18 NOV 2021
11.00 AM - 12.00 PM

This webinar is part of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s series Adapting to a future with drought – unlocking resilience in rural Australia.

Diversity and inclusion are a top priority across the agriculture industry. Led by the National Farmers Federation’s 2030 Roadmap, agriculture aims to make agriculture an accessible career option for all. As the make-up of regional Australia continues to evolve, agriculture has an opportunity to embrace the benefits diversity provides by including individuals with valued skills, identities, and ideas. A workforce truly representative of Australia will bring new ideas, perspectives, and experiences and accelerate progress and innovation for everyone in farming.  

This panel, hosted by the National Farmers Federation, will highlight the unique experience of individuals from the agriculture sector. Each will tell their experiences in agriculture and how diversity is a strength. As the NFF and Australian agriculture gear up for National Agriculture Day, this webinar will showcase the opportunities and diversity of careers in agriculture that are on offer for everyone. Join us and choose your own #agventure.

Please note: This webinar commences at 11am AEST and 12pm AEDT. 

This webinar series is part of the Australian Government Future Drought Fund Drought Resilience Leaders Program, facilitated by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. The webinars are open to anyone interested in the topic.

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