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Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems

The Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (CSAS) conducts research and engagement that enhances the management of agricultural enterprises as complex and embedded systems, maximising production and conservation outcomes. This is achieved through a trans-disciplinary approach focusing on precision management of the biophysical resources that simultaneously considers the social, environmental and political contexts.

CSAS assists decision-makers to diagnose system constraints and make informed, science-based decisions that improve productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability; apply integrated trans-disciplinary solutions to address problems and capitalise on opportunities; and analyse, develop and implement policies, practices and designs for sustainable agricultural systems. Key research themes include spatial diagnosis and management of system constraints; maximising ecosystem services in agricultural and silvicultural systems; managing human-wildlife interactions; soil-plant-water integrated system dynamics; soil security; analysis and modelling of agricultural systems and catchments; agronomy and crop physiology; and agrimetrics for planning, policy and land management.

Research themes

  • Integrated Soil Systems
  • Agricultural Systems & Catchment Modelling
  • Sustainable Agricultural Systems
  • Agrimetrics

Centre contacts

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Centre phone

07 4631 5406