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HDR Student Statistical and Survey Support

Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU)

The SCU provides statistical support to postgraduate HDR students and research staff. They cannot provide support to undergraduate or Honours students, or students studying a Masters by coursework program.

The SCU offers advice regarding:

  • quantitative analysis;
  • appropriate experimental or survey design to answer your research questions;
  • appropriate data collection and entry methods;
  • using statistical analysis software SPSS and R;
  • data screening, including data cleaning and summarising prior to analysis;
  • appropriate methods of analysis;
  • interpretation of the output from the analysis.

If you are new to statistics or use it only infrequently please don't hesitate to contact the team. The SCU is happy to provide support at all levels of need and interest. For more information or to book a consultation please visit the Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) StudyDesk or email for other enquiries.

Survey Assistance

The GRS has made temporary provision for assistance with survey-related queries. This service is only available to current HDR students. To access this support please email our facilitator at