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Monitoring and submitting progress reviews

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) progress reviews are a compulsory requirement for all HDR students who have been confirmed in their program. This is an important indication of your progress and may be referred to later in your candidature, particularly in the event you request a variation to your candidature.

When do I complete an HDR progress review?

You are required to complete annual HDR progress reviews and will be notified by email (to your UMail account) when an HDR progress review is available for submission. 

It is important that you carefully read the instructions before completing the review to ensure you understand the implications of the information you do/do not include in the review.

Who completes an HDR progress review?

Students who are confirmed in a Higher Degree by Research program should submit an HDR progress review.  

If you are on an approved leave of absence for the whole of the current semester you may not be required to submit an HDR progress review. If you are on approved leave of absence for part of the current semester, you are required to submit a review.

Completing the HDR progress review

You and your supervisors are strongly encouraged to discuss progress prior to submitting your HDR progress review.

Once you complete the relevant sections of the HDR progress review you will be required to submit it online which will automatically send the HDR progress review to your Principal Supervisor, on behalf of the supervisory team, for feedback. When the Principal Supervisor has have completed his/her sections it will be returned to you for submission to the Graduate Research School.

Confidential reviews

If you wish to submit any confidential comments (i.e. not seen by your supervisory team) regarding your progress to the Graduate Research School, please email

Failure to submit an HDR progress review

Failure to submit an HDR progress review by the due date will result in a student being placed on Conditional Academic Standing

Outcome of the HDR progress review

If it is noted in your HDR progress review that you are behind schedule the university will implement a performance management process to assist you to get back on track.