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As a HDR student there are many benefits to be gained from undertaking an internship including:

  • develop and establish networks
  • demonstrate and strengthen professional and research skills
  • gain experience in a ‘real life’ setting
  • apply research knowledge into an actual project
  • enhance your employability
  • develop links with industry
  • professional development opportunity
  • can help you decide on what career path you may like to travel.

Types of internships

The two most common types of internships are:

  • paid and unpaid
  • facilitated through third party provider, or directly through a host organisation.

Internship Process

An internship can:

  • vary in duration (One to five months)
  • generally focus on clearly defined research projects within an organisation
  • present a 'workplace exposure’ opportunity
  • include host organisations such within private sector, state and federal government and non for profit across a variety of industry sectors.

How do I find an internship?

The most common ways to source an internship include:

  • self sourced
  • facilitation by the university
  • facilitation by external organisation.

Things to consider

Before you take on an internship, consider:

  • Why do you want to undertake an internship?
  • Do you have you supervisors support and approval?
  • Will undertaking an internship affect the time it takes you to complete your studies? What impact will this have on your individual situation? 


The Graduate Research School is excited to announce a new initiative available to UniSQ’s PhD students.

Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern is Australia’s only all sector/all discipline PhD internship program. 

The APR Intern program is an industry funded internship program, aiming to support industry-based training of PhD research students in all Australian universities, to increase employability and broaden business and university collaborations.

Internship placements are between three to five months in duration, and is open to women and men with an emphasis on gender equity and placing domestic, regional, Indigenous and disadvantaged PhD students into STEM internships. International students and students from all discipline areas are eligible to apply for this program. 

Further information on the APR Intern program for students, academic mentors and businesses is available or contact the Graduate Research School's Industry Internship Coordinator.