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Researcher Hour

Researcher Hour is free, informal and all researchers are welcome to drop in for advice on research matters related to IT, Research Data Management, Lab Safety, Risk Management and more.
30 AUG 2023
12.00 PM - 1.00 PM

All are welcome to receive as well as offer their expertise to help others.
Researchers attend Researcher Hour to ask or answer research-related questions. Popular topics for discussion include:

  • research data management,
  • research data storage,
  • high performance computing (HPC), 
  • virtual machines (VMs), 
  • computer programming for researchers, 
  • R, 
  • Python, 
  • data processing, 
  • Systematic Literature Reviews,
  • Lab Safety,
  • Risk Management Plans (RMP),
  • Questions on chemicals or ChemWatch

Check @researcherhour twitter feed, for updates as occasionally a Researcher Hour is cancelled for a particular week when the regular IT for research experts are unavailable. Also check Twitter in case any details about Researcher Hour changes in the future, e.g. its day, time or venue.

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