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Community of Practice - Research Supervisors

Thesis by Publication – Insights, Tips, and Strategies
13 JUN 2023
12.00 PM - 1.30 PM
Please join us for the third Community of Practice – Research Supervisors of 2023.

At UniSQ, and more broadly within the higher education sector and research community, thesis of publication (TbP), has become an increasingly popular option for students, in terms of writing and completing a thesis due to preparing candidates for academic career pathways, development of targeted writing skills, and the outcome of developing a body of published work that helps establish reputation, esteem, and professional/research identity. 

Last year the CoP-RS held an initial session on thesis by publication which explored UniSQ expectations and processes, a SWOT by supervisors on thesis by publication, followed by efforts to ‘de-myth TbC’ (See past CoP recordings June 14, 2022). Recently Prof Peter Terry (Dean, Graduate Research School) presented details and expectations of conducting a TbP at UniSQ (see link to this recording). Building on past presentations, the focus of the 3rd CoP-RS for 2023 will be to draw upon the collective wisdom and expertise of HDR supervisors to explore and discus key insights, tips and strategies for supporting HDR students.

For more information, please contact Alice Brown.