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Author Workshop Presented by Wiley: Publishing Open Access in Wiley and Hindawi Journals Under Wiley and CAUL’s 2023 Agreement

This webinar will be presented by Wiley and is open to all researchers of institutions participating in CAUL’s transformational agreement with Wiley in 2023.
05 JUL 2023
1.00 PM - 2.00 PM

Highlights for the webinar will include discussion on open access publishing including:

  • Benefits of Open Access Publishing
  • Specifications of Wiley and CAUL’s transformational agreement and what these mean for authors
  • The Wiley Author Services workflow for researchers submit an open access Article Publication Charge (APC) request to a participating CAUL institutions as part of the agreement

Presented by Alison Bell.  Alison is a Journal Publishing Manager in Wiley’s Melbourne office, and oversees journals on the Health Sciences list for the APAC region.