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Research Webinar: How to get an 88% Acceptance Rate (Revision)

Presented by Park Thaichon, UniSQ
19 MAY 2023
1.00 PM - 3.00 PM

Topics covered in this webinar will include how to revise a manuscript to enhance its contribution to the field, the language and tone needed in crafting the response, how to avoid alienating reviewers and editors, and how to make it clear how the paper was enhanced. The session will finish with a Co-learning discussion. 

Here are some of the key points.

  • Is it important to know the birthday of the editor?
  • Expecting unexpected contributions and EXTRA 
  • Good experience for Reviewers and Readers 
  • Language and strategy in crafting response document 
  • What could upset the (1) reviewers, (2) editor(s), and (3) publisher? 
  • Can I disagree with the editor?

Park is the Australian most published author (marketing) by Scholarly Output in Australia over the period 2017 to >2022 and 2019 to >2022 (SciVal, 2022). He has grown a national and international research profile by publishing in high-quality journal outlets and achieved a hg-index over 30 before his promotion to an Associate Professor (ranked at the highest possible score percentile at the Senior Lecturer level academics, Soutar et al., 2015 - ANZMAC November 2018).

For more information, please contact Park Thaichon.