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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Ernest DeLosAngeles

Prevalence and Associations Between Patellar Tendon Symptomology, Movement Quality, and Physical Performance Characteristics in Professional and Collegiate Court-Sport Athletes.
10 MAY 2023
9.00 AM - 10.30 AM

Tendinopathy is a clinical syndrome, which can be defined as a tendon degeneration characterized by a combination of pain and swelling which hinders various functions in human movements and can impair performance in athletes. 

Tendinopathy has become increasingly common among the non-athletic and athletic population, in part due to an increased life expectancy and also the increased competitive nature of youth sports, respectively.

(2) It is especially common in court sports such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis due to the constant load being placed on the tendon during the constant changes in speed and direction required of the sport.

(3) Early detection and treatment of tendinopathy is critical as it can lead to tendon ruptures if not identified and left untreated.

(4) Professional organizations spend millions annually on athletic injuries in elite sports. (5) Practitioners' working with highly valuable athletes should be better equipped with practical solutions for recognizing and mitigating tendon injury prevalence. 

The purpose of this research project is identify the prevalence of patellar tendon symptomology in elite basketball athletes and how symptomology affects jump performance characteristics through various periods in-season. Specifically, we intend to use the VISA (Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment) and OSTRC (Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre ) questionnaires to identify tendon symptomology, validated by UTC imaging, and track the changes in jump force characteristics using force plates. 

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