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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Kireet Joshi

A Study of the Factors Impacting e-Learning Market Performance Using big Data Digital Technologies
14 APR 2023
2.00 PM - 3.30 PM

This paper proposes to study the factors impacting e-learning market performance using big data digital Technologies. Over the last few years, the consistent efforts are seen to improve the overall quality of systems and technologies concerning different industries across the globe, e.g., Manufacturing, health, education, transportation, Service industries and so on. Big data technologies have made significant inroads in technology sphere. The big data has immense potential to develop smart technologies with smart solutions. The transformations in the digital space has created an exponential expansion to the sizes of data and information. According to (Julio Ruiz-Palmero et al. 2020), "in a context of different phenomena and factors that determine its evolution and progress, the analysis and interpretation of the massive data generated can facilitate decision-making and the implementation of proposals that could improve reality". It is with this purpose that the Big Data has revolutionized decision making in many fields, including education (Julio Ruiz-Palmero et al. 2020) and Big Data or massive data (Rivas et al. 2019) was born. The Big Data can be applied to many fields, such as medicine (Batton 2020; Galetsi et al. 2020), innovation (Xiao, X et al. 2020), Internet of things (Lv. Z, et al. 2021) or Smart Technologies, e.g., Smart cities (Talebkhah, M. et al. 2021); Smart (biometric) Ear Recognition System (Chowdhury, D. P. et al. 2022).

Data privacy and security (Yong, J., 2007) has remained a critical challenge to data management (Tardío, al. 2020) for a long time. However, with massive technological advancement, especially in last three decades, the data parameters and their characteristics have substantially grown as big data. This uninhibited growth posed serious challenges to quality, privacy, timeliness, and security of the data. This paper examines multiple variables and the ongoing global efforts in recognising big data challenges and establishing the globally accepted benchmarks to standardise Technologies, systems, and practices. 

Over past few years witnessed a rising commitment by the world governments to encourage innovation as an approach to develop new technologies and skills. The preliminary examination of several articles emphasising the importance of digitalisation in human lives. Almost every sphere of human life is touched by the digital transformation of work practices, processes, and products. This research have considered several factors, few already mentioned above, which has facilitated the espousal of information from variety of online sources in helping more accurate and informed decisions. This study would examine the role of innovation, smart technologies in diverse fields like education, health care, Transportation, and communication.

Key words: big data, Privacy & Security, e-learning design, Quality & innovation, Smart Technology, Health Care system, Internet of things (IOT)

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