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Researching in the eye of the Teaching Storm: A Story, a Reflection, and Some Tips in how to be Research Active

Presented by Dr Ben Hoffman, UniSQ
22 MAR 2023
12.30 PM - 1.30 PM
Ipswich - I116B, Toowoomba - W534, or via Zoom

For most academics, undertaking research is a fundamental responsibility of their role and for many, is a major component of their identify as an academic at both the University level as well as within their field internationally. However, quite often the lack of resources (e.g. research-allocated time, HDR student scholarships) as well as the prioritisation of other academic responsibilities (e.g. teaching, committee meetings) often result in academics feeling challenged in being able to be sufficiently research active. This presentation will use my story, of where I took 6 years to recently publish a Q1 journal article, to identify these challenges, and through reflecting on my experiences, provide some tips on how to build and maintain research momentum.

For more information, please contact Jessica Levick.