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Research Seminar - Agricultural Traceability and the Rise of RegTech

Presented by Rhett Martin, School of Law and Justice
29 MAR 2023
12.30 PM - 1.30 PM
Toowoomba - Q420 Moot Court, Ipswich T108 (meeting room in Grace House), or online

We are on the cusp of a sustainability revolution but instead of a storming of the barricades we face an unusual quiet, for the moment. The federal government has a priority of developing agricultural traceability to participate in the global push for sustainability traceability. This is to check the sustainability credentials of products from paddock to plate. The development of viable agricultural traceability capability has major implications for our export trade. Part of the growth in traceability is to develop our RegTech capability which refers to using technology to aid regulatory compliance. Part of this challenge is to address the correct form of regulation to align with technology use. Change is coming and this session looks at how this will happen.

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