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Research Masterclass - Understanding Phenomenology

Presented by Professor Jennifer Kelly, RMIT
29 MAR 2023
12.30 PM - 2.30 PM
Phenomenology is one of many qualitative methodologies however, the unique feature of phenomenology is that it provides the opportunity for research to employ a completely humanistic approach. Meaning, a phenomenological study enables the researcher to explore the essence of individuals experiences in a way that other qualitative methodologies cannot accomplish. This session is designed to introduce and/or expand attendees knowledge and understanding of the emergence of phenomenology, the fundamental characteristics of phenomenology and the relevance of phenomenology as a key qualitative research methodology. Additionally, factors critical to the design of a phenomenological study will be explored including recruitment of participants and data collection techniques.   

 Learning outcomes: 

At the end of this session attendees will be able to: 

  • Determine key characteristics specific to a study using phenomenology;  
  • Identify fundamental features and approaches for conducting a phenomenological study;  
  • Justify research techniques that are important when designing a phenomenological study; 
  • Explain data collection strategies relevant to phenomenology research. 

Professor Kelly has completed two undergraduate degrees in addition to a Master of Education (Research) and a PhD in Education and Sociology. Professor Kelly is a qualitative researcher who has undertaken studies using Case Study, Phenomenology, Action Research and mixed methods research. Additionally, Jennifer has been involved in developing qualitative research courses for higher degree research students and delivering lectures online and face to face in the area of qualitative research methodologies. 

Supervision of higher degree research students has occupied a significant component of Jennifer’s role over the past two decades. The majority of students Jennifer has supervised and is currently supervising, complete qualitative research with phenomenology being the key methodology. As such, her publications reflect her knowledge and skills in qualitative methodologies in particular, phenomenology. Research topics that Jennifer has supervised, her students have focused on health science and have addressed a broad range of topics including Indigenous health and education, social work, midwifery practices, policy implementation, new graduate socialisation, and experienced clinicians entering academia. 
Over time, Professor Kelly has been employed at three universities whereby she has occupied a leadership role overseeing multiple health disciplines. For instance, at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) she has led the disciplines of Pharmacy, Medical Radiation, Psychology, Nursing and Neurodevelopment in Health and Disease Research. Prior to this role she led and had oversight of Biomedical Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Human Services, Paramedicine, and Sport and Exercise Science at Uni SQ. A previous appointment at ACU included administering and developing academic programs in the areas of Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedicine, Physiotherapy and Sport and Exercise Science.  
Professor Kelly is an enthusiastic qualitative researcher and is passionate about informing and engaging others to employ this methodological approach. Her greatest success is having students successfully complete their higher degree research studies.

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