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Postgraduate Early Career (PGECR) Meeting - Focus on Feedback

Facilitator: Katrina Cutcliffe
Presenter: Associate Professor Melissa Forbes
01 MAR 2023
2.00 PM - 3.00 PM

How do you respond to feedback, particularly when it is critical of your work? Our response to feedback is reflective of our attitude to learning, and academic life is all about learning. From our earliest days as undergraduates, through to PhD study and peer review of our research, using feedback constructively can become a superpower for learning. Sometimes this feedback can be hard to receive. This session will provide you with practical strategies for dealing with and responding constructively to any and all feedback to enhance your own learning and development, and build resilience as a researcher. You will learn to view feedback not as something to be feared, but as something to be welcomed.

PGECR is a community of practice run for and by post-graduate and early career researchers.  If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Katrina Cutcliffe on or