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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Lynne Stapleton

The Life, Loves and Exploits of Ellen Quinn Kelly (1832 - 1923)
16 MAR 2023
11.00 AM - 12.30 PM

"Focusing on responding to Australian artist, Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly Series (1946 - 1947) (1),  this Practice-led Research project highlights the lack of visual representation of European immigrant women such as the case study of Irish-born Ellen Quinn Kelly, proposing alternative storytelling of Australian historical data and drawing conclusions about the implications for Australia's National Identity.  Combining the models of Historical and Case Study Qualitative Research, this project will draw upon the methodology of Constructivism (2) and the methods of the Kemmis and McTaggart Action Research Model (3) to respond to Nolan's series with a written Exegesis and supporting artworks contributing in equal measure to the project's outcomes.  The storytelling within the artworks will be designed to open portals of self-discovery in audiences and contribute new knowledge to Australian Art History that will contribute to individual and cultural transformation for this nation as well as for Ireland.  These outcomes will provide inspirational stimulus for further exploration across the nation's entire spectrum of arts industries.  In the first instance, the artworks will be exhibited at the University of Southern Queensland with a strategically targeted guest list invited to the official launch planned to be held in the Spring or Summer of next year, 2024 or early 2025.

1.Ned Kelly Series (1945 - 1947), Sidney Nolan, 1917 - 1992.  Paintings held by the N.G.A., Canberra.
2.  Y Lincoln & E Guba, The Constructivist Credo, Taylor and Francis Group, 2013, pp.37 - 41. Viewed: 17 June, 2022.
3. J Dudovskiy, Action Research, <Action Research - Research-Methodology> Published January 2022, Viewed 08 April, 2022."


For more information, please email the Graduate Research School.  For the zoom link, please refer to the latest GRS Bulletin.