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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Cindy Sassenberg

The Impact of the Built Infrastructure on the Social Legacy of Mega Events
07 MAR 2023
1.30 PM - 3.00 PM

Mega events offer host destination the potential for lasting legacies across a range of dimensions including infrastructure (Dickson, Misener, & Darcy, 2017). The terms `impacts' and `legacies' of a mega sport event context, are used interchangeably but legacy combines a broader range of impacts post-event that benefit the host destination community (Dickson, Darcy, Johns, & Pentifallo, 2016). Infrastructure legacies are roads, railways and urban redevelopment. Legacies associated with disability sport events, such as enhanced venues and quality of facilities as a result of a mega sport event, improves quality of life for people with accessibility needs. Diversifies the destination tourism, in attracting visitors from a growing market segment (Mair, Chien, Kelly, & Derrington, 2021). Social legacies are any impacts on the potential on the quality of life for local residents (Fredline, Jago, & Deery, 2003), and are harder to discern and measure objectively (Dickson et al., 2016).  While social legacies can include; change in people's attitudes, opportunities for people with disabilities (including accessibility), increasing sport participation and volunteering. These legacies promises to the host destination's improvement in the facilities, transport, greater humanity and social capital, that will benefit tourism, events and hospitality in the future (Dickson et al., 2017). 

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