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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Nader Abu Roman

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Building Organizational Absorptive Capacity and Organizational Performance
28 FEB 2023
2.30 PM - 4.00 PM

Artificial intelligence-assisted information technology is able to support organizational skills and improve organizational performance and the management of innovative knowledge. AI has greatly improved how organizations learn and unlearn through the facilitation of a more sophisticated knowledge environment from a market and business operating perspective, despite turbulent market situations. However, there are many challenges that restrict organizational access to AI technologies suggesting that AI technological adoption is difficult and not always successful within specific organizational contexts. The primary aim of this thesis is to evaluate how organizations build absorptive capacity (AC) and firm performance through artificial intelligence interventions. We further consider what sort of learning interventions may be beneficial in dealing with the improvements in organizational knowledge stock. The methodology applied in the research will be an inductive approach and a systematic literature review (SLR). Furthermore, the sample will be 30 HR managers from several IT companies in Australia (companies that deal with cutting-edge AI) and the data will be gathered through interviews. One of the expected results of the study is that artificial intelligence will contribute to solving many problems that impede organizational performance by directing behavior, capabilities, and creating an advanced knowledge environment that contributes to achieving organizational stability and employee performance.

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