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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Anna Tibb

Re-Positioning the Voice of the Child in Wellbeing Pedagogy and Practice: A Design Based Research Inquiry
14 FEB 2023
10.00 AM - 11.30 AM

It is the right of all children to have a voice. Child voice is linked to the promotion of agency, identity, self-worth, and improved engagement in learning. Research also identifies a correlation between child voice, participation in decision making, and the development of wellbeing in young children.  The adoption of child centred pedagogy is characterised by responsive and inclusive teaching practices which involve listening to, and consulting with children. Whilst there is widespread agreement that consulting with children is fundamental to ensuring learning is both meaningful and relevant, there is limited empirical evidence of educators consulting with children to inform wellbeing pedagogy and practice. This is not only problematic for children’s rights, but also for educators seeking to better understand, and provide for children’s wellbeing needs. Wellbeing provision cannot truly be responsive and inclusive unless children are given a voice and have input into their learning. In addition, there is also a paucity of research that reveals how early childhood educators afford child voice as part of wellbeing provision. Framed within an interpretivist constructivist paradigm, this Design Based Research (DBR) inquiry uses qualitative research methods to examine how early childhood educators from multiple sites afford children input in decision making relating to wellbeing pedagogy and practice. Findings across the four phases of DBR will be used to co-design a ‘Responsive Wellbeing Pedagogy Framework’, which seeks to assist educators’ decision making with child voice in wellbeing provision. This DBR inquiry will contribute to the growing body of literature that asserts children’s voices are critical to understanding and providing for, children’s wellbeing needs in early childhood settings.

For more information, please email the Graduate Research School (GRS) or for the zoom link, please phone the GRS 07 46 31 1088.