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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Charles Thomson

Ren(Ed)gades of Funk: Hip-hop as a Pedagogical Approach in Queensland Schools
10 FEB 2023
2.00 PM - 3.30 PM

As the popularity and influence of hip-hop continues to grow as a cultural phenomenon, so too has hip-hop pedagogy become more accepted in academia. The effectiveness of hip-hop pedagogy within the Australian education system and specifically alternative education sectors has not been explored extensively. This project aims to explore the place and function of hip-hop pedagogies in Australian schools and how this approach can impact the practices of educators and in turn, the experiences of their students. In taking this focus, this project will address the following research question:
How will an affinity group, comprised of educators and facilitators from a diverse range of educational contexts, deploy hip-hop pedagogy in their settings? 
The underlying philosophical perspective of the study aligns with the major principles of the critical theory paradigm. This viewpoint will encourage the expression of subjective truth and critiquing of power structures through the experiences of the participants. A qualitative research approach will be utilised to investigate the perspectives of the researcher, students, teachers and youth workers within a variety Queensland schools. The chosen research methodology for this project is narrative inquiry as participants will share their stories during the study through interviews and stories in the formation of hip-hop songs. Throughout the 12 month research project, data will be collected through these recorded and transcribed interviews and songs. Due to the traumatised and disadvantaged backgrounds of many of the young people involved in the project, ethical considerations will need to be investigated with students, carers and the school administration. Also, as a large percentage of students within this sector are indigenous, cultural perspectives will also need to be considered. This project's findings may impact the future of pedagogical approaches and engagement strategies of schools within Queensland.

For more information, please email the Graduate Research School (GRS) or for the zoom link, please phone the GRS 07 46 31 1088.