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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Maciej Grybko

Development of an Experimental Airbreathing Rotation Detonation Engine
31 JAN 2023
2.00 PM - 3.30 PM

A rotating detonation engine (RDE) is a novel concept of a supersonic propulsion system. It is characterised by a superior efficiency and resilience to a wide range of off-design conditions. As opposed to conventional engines which operate in deflagrative combustion mode, this one detonates the fuel instead, thus releasing more energy. Continuous detonation is possible thanks to annular combustor. The detonation wave is travelling around the perimeter of the combustor while the fuel is injected radially at constant rate. The engine has potential applications in military, supersonic commercial flight and space launch vehicles. RDE operational capability was previously proved with multiple flight experiments in rocket mode but never in airbreathing mode. The purpose of this PhD degree is to demonstrate airbreathing RDE capability in a Mach 4 wind tunnel experiment at enthalpy corresponding to 15 km altitude. The project includes development of supersonic inlet, detonation initiator, fuel injectors, combustor, and their integration into cohesive system. The engine will be hydrogen powered and tested for a wide range of chemical and geometric settings. Each wind tunnel test will run for 100 ms, giving enough time to capture hundreds of detonation cycles. The performance of the engine will be evaluated using optical diagnostics as well as pressure and temperature measurements. This project lays foundation for supersonic propulsion testing at the University of Southern Queensland and is planned to continue with experimental flight tests beyond completion of the PhD degree.

For more information, please email the Graduate Research School (GRS) or for the zoom link, please phone the GRS 07 46 31 1088.