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Postgraduate Early Career Research (PGECR) Meeting

Presentation by Gabi Witthaus
07 DEC 2022
6.00 PM - 7.00 PM


PGECR Agenda


Elizabeth Cook

Meeting Theme:


Today’s meeting is a Christmas twilight special! BYO drink and bites and we will celebrate open research and practice together with Gabi Witthaus who will talk about her #OpenThesis.

Hallway Catchup:

The optional “hallway catch-up” begins at 17.45 pm for those interested to connect with other members; share goals, progress, challenges and achievements, both large and small.


  1. Welcome/Acknowledgement of Country
  2. Guest Speaker: Gabi Witthaus @twitthaus

    Gabi is a learning design consultant at the University of Birmingham, a PhD scholar with Lancaster University and a consultant at Art of E-learning, which is her own organisation. Gabi’s blog/open dissertation site is where she posts chapters as they are completed, under open licence. Her research focuses on how open, online and mobile learning can enable all adults – especially migrants – to get a post-secondary education. (See publications.)

    Today, Gabi will talk about her open dissertation – what it is? Why do it?  And how?

    Discussion and question time.

  3. Next meeting

The next PGECR meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of February 2023.

Happy New Year everyone!

For more information, please email the PGECR team.