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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Megan Clarey

Autistic Burnout
05 DEC 2022
11.00 AM - 12.30 PM

Autistic burnout has been documented by autistic people for some time. They use it to describe their personal experiences of becoming completely worn out attempting to survive in a world that does not take their specific needs into consideration. To date, four international papers have addressed the concept of autistic burnout and preliminary definitions have been produced. Differences between autistic burnout, "normal" burnout and depression have been found in the small amount of research that has been completed. No measure of autistic burnout has been developed to date and existing research has reviewed autistic burnout using stress, disability and burnout models as starting point. This research proposes using a motivational viewpoint of Basic Psychological Needs Theory as it's underpinning framework to identify how autistic burnout impacts autistic people (both self and professionally diagnosed) and to develop and test a scale to measure burnout based on qualitative data.

For more information or zoom link, please email the Graduate Research School or phone (07) 4631 1088.  The zoom links are included in the ReDTrain Bulletin.