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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Nerida Priestley

Diversity and inclusion in multinational Information Technology (IT) companies: Experiences of women seeking leadership, through an intersectionality lens.
23 NOV 2022
12.30 PM - 2.00 PM
Diversity, inclusion and equity in organisations are required to generate a competitive advantage. Programs administered by IT companies, designed to improve diversity, and foster women into leadership roles are administered, but little is known about their impacts. The proposed research seeks to address this gap by addressing the research question: What factors influence intersectional women's experiences of diversity and inclusion in the software sector of the information technology (IT) industry? 

The study adopts an intersectional lens which allows for multiple dimensions to be explored. A basic qualitative research design will be used to explore participants' lived experiences of these programs. Participants will be workers from multinational software companies, identified with different ethnicities, sexual preferences, tenure, and position in the company. Participants may have been exposed to the diversity and inclusion programs being administered and will be recruited via the Chief Diversity Officers and the Chief Human Resource officers. 

Data will be collected using in-depth, semi-structured interviews conducted via ZOOM using an interview guide. Interviews will be recorded and transcribed by a transcription agency with transcribers being required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Interview transcripts will be analysed using thematic analysis and coding will be undertaken using NVivo. Ethical considerations include the issue of respect for cultural values because the researcher will be interviewing people in other countries. Findings from this project will provide insight into the impacts of diversity and inclusion programs and may assist the work of diversity and inclusion professionals when designing and executing such programs.