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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Bonnie Hart

Knowing, being and doing Intersex: The embodied change of working through intersex lived experiences
28 NOV 2022
2.30 PM - 4.00 PM
Intersex bodies are contested sites, quartered by competing medical, social, legal and psychological frameworks. Experiences of coercive and secretive interventions aimed at "fixing" divergent sex characteristics in children and adolescents has created structural power dynamics that privileges paediatric biomedical intervention at the expense of lifetime psychosocial and family wellbeing.  Lived experience testimonies provide the evidence of long-term outcomes to unasked questions and a legacy of survivorship, interpersonal adaptation and posttraumatic growth.  

Through qualitative analysis of interview transcriptions and reflective/creative material produced throughout the pilot of InterLink, an innovative peer-led and community-based intersex psychosocial support program, this study seeks to better understand peoples' experiences of self-acceptance, identity formation, and embodied knowledge of intersex as a process of moving from knowing, to being and doing intersex for both participants and peer workers. This will accompany an autoethnographic account of my own intersex lived experiences and reflective processes as an intersex woman, artist, performer, peer worker, activist and designer of the Interlink program.