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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Graham Green

The Effectiveness of Crew Resource Management Training in Asian Countries That Have a High Power Distance Index.
14 NOV 2022
10.00 AM - 11.30 AM

This research project is focused on determining whether the regulatory required Crew Resource Management (CRM) training is effective in Asian countries that are reported to have a high-power distance - that is, to ascertain if the training and acceptance of the Western influenced CRM concept is effective in Asian countries where the nature of relations between superiors and subordinates is driven by cultural standards and protocols that differ vastly compared to those from the Western world.
Four distinct underlying studies form the basis of this project.  These studies are:

1.           The Effectiveness of CRM Training in a Multi-Ethnic Crew Environment - A Systematic Literature Review,
2.           An Analysis of CRM Training Programs and Techniques in Asia,
3.           The Cultural Diversity of Flight and Cabin Crews in Asia,
4.           The Effectiveness of CRM Training in Asian countries that have a high power-distance index.

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, the data obtained from this research project will highlight potential gaps in the CRM training processes, and if gaps are found, provide recommendations that will assist course designers to amend, design and deliver CRM courses that suit their working and regulatory environments.  

Organisations external to the aviation sector will also be able to evaluate the findings from this research and can use those findings to assist in the deployment of CRM related courses for team-based environments for their respective industries - especially for those environments that consist of members originating from the culturally rich and diverse Asian region. This includes Remote Mining Operations; Antarctic Research Crews; Emergency Response Departments; Extended Military Deployments and Space Exploration.  

This outcome of this research project will assist in creating safe, efficient work environments where human aspects can be relied upon to reduce threats, incidents or accidents.

For more information or zoom link, please email the Graduate Research School or phone (07) 4631 1088.  The zoom links are included in the ReDTrain Bulletin.