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Research Seminar - School of Health and Medical Sciences - Stress and Fatigue: Tackling 'Invisible’ Obstacles in Stroke Recovery

Presented by Prajwal Gyawali
26 OCT 2022
12.30 PM - 1.30 PM

Despite being very important determinants of stroke outcome and recovery, stress and fatigue are often missed and neglected in stroke rehabilitation programme because unlike physical disabilities, stress and fatigue are ‘invisible’. There are no specific evidence-based programmes designed to empower stroke survivors to deal with these invisible disabilities. My long-term research goal is to address this healthcare gap.

Up to two-thirds of stroke survivors experience ongoing comorbidities such as psychological stress and fatigue, which represent the greatest barriers to stroke recovery and rehabilitation. This presentation will describe previous and current studies aimed at providing the crucial evidence to implement a stress management intervention in stroke rehabilitation programme

For more information, please contact Paul Gardiner.