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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Lauren Huth

Genomic Tools to Enhance the Biocontrol Potential of Australian Ampelomyces Hyperparasitic Fungi Against Powdery Mildew Infections of Various Crops
28 OCT 2022
10.15 AM - 11.45 AM

Powdery mildews are common fungal plant pathogens, comprising of more than 900 species that infect at least 10,000 dicot and monocot plant species globally. Despite extensive research on their pathogenesis, epidemiology and control, some powdery mildews regularly cause economically important diseases of agricultural and horticultural crops, including wheat, barley, grapevine, and fruit and vegetable species. 

For more information, or the zoom link, please contact the Graduate Research School or phone 07 4631 1088.