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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Shauna Fjaagesund

Exploring Patient Journey Experiences of Australians With Chronic Conditions in Primary Care
31 OCT 2022
8.30 AM - 10.00 AM

Background: Australians are living longer and are experiencing higher rates of chronic and age-related conditions. Almost half of Australian population (47%) is living with at least one chronic health condition. People with chronic disease are frequent presenters to health systems. It is reported that 46% of all preventable hospitalisations were patients with chronic conditions. Prevention, early diagnosis, and management of chronic conditions can reduce disease burden and up to 38% of all disease burden. Primary care is often the first point of health system contact for individuals with health concerns and contributes to population wellbeing by increasing health literacy, providing self-management of chronic conditions and linkages within/outside health system, and delivering screening and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. 

Project Aim: Proposed project will explore the journeys of Australian adult patients with chronic conditions seeking health care at a large integrated general practice setting (193,000 current patients on record) in Queensland, Australia. The project focuses on the following objectives (1) describing the patient population, including those with chronic conditions and frequency of attendance (2) exploring how health providers understand and experience the delivery of patient-centred care to patients with chronic conditions (3) exploring how patients with chronic conditions understand and experience their patient journey. 

Research outcomes will contribute to future primary care model development. Method: Mixed methods phenomenological research using sequential design using quantitative data analysis of existing patient database and qualitative semi-structure interviews of across a range of health professionals and patients to better understand their lived experiences delivering (providers) or receiving care (patients) for chronic conditions.

For more information, or for the zoom link, please email the Graduate Research School or phone 07 4631 1088.