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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Lorna Andriamora

Investigating Arts Therapy as a Counselling Approach for Indigenous Children who Have an Incarcerated Parent: A Work-Based Study Towards Intervention Model/Approach.
04 OCT 2022
10.00 AM - 11.30 AM

In Australia, children of incarcerated Indigenous parents are a vulnerable population at risk of a lifetime of adversity and social inequity. There is little understanding of these children's experiences, perceived risks, reported outcomes, and needs. There is also a lack of knowledge regarding evidence-based counselling interventions that can address the multiple risk factors to which these children may be exposed. 
The main purpose of the study is to establish an evidence-based model of Art Therapy for children of incarcerated Indigenous parents. In order to achieve this overarching objective, the study will primarily investigate how art therapy has been used as a therapeutic tool when counselling Indigenous Australians. Secondly, the study will investigate the potential benefits of Arts therapy when supporting children of incarcerated Indigenous parents.
The overarching research question of this study is, `What components of Art Therapy may inform a fit-for-purpose counselling approach that can be adopted to support the Indigenous children who have a parent incarcerated?'
The study will be framed around qualitative phenomenological approaches. Interviews will be conducted with Indigenous adults who had or have an incarcerated parent. The objective is to explore these participants' lived experiences. Data will be collected directly from an estimated guide sample of 30 potential participants. The actual sample size that will be interviewed will depend on the point where data (thematic) saturation is reached, and the associated point of diminishing returns is observed. 
It is expected that this method will provide in-depth information to be analysed through qualitative analysis methods. It is also expected that the findings will generate hypotheses that could be tested in future qualitative research.

For more information or zoom link, please email the Graduate Research School or phone (07) 4631 1088.  The zoom links are included in the ReDTrain Bulletin.