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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Aseel Zytoon

Supplementary Dam Site Selection Controlling the Flood Events in Wivenhoe Dam-Queensland Using GIS and UAV Surveying: A Case Study
19 AUG 2022
2.00 PM - 3.30 PM

Climate change currently is a global concern rising the sea level and causing heavy rainfall events leading to major flooding, which are considered among the most widespread and devastating disasters. As inevitable event, flood disaster management especially in dams would be precured through prediction, preparation, prevention, mitigation, and damage assessment. To prevent the risk, therefore, constructing supplementary dams is considered the most reliable and robust way to prevent the failure of the existing dams due to flooding and preserve the highest possible amount of rainfall and required water levels. In the proposed study, innovative surveying technique including UAV and GIS surveying systems will be used to propose a location for supplementary dam construction as a precaution step to prevent any possible failure in the Wivenhoe dam-Queensland and mitigate flooding. This step will secure the life of more than 300 thousand people and secure more than $100 billion assets if any failure in Wivenhoe dam occurs. This research will help the decision-makers and governmental parties controlling one of the crucial climate change events (flooding) and having a robust technique to select the most efficient dam site options. This will lead to achieve the highest possible financial benefit of water harvesting as well as determine the minimal construction area of the proposed supplementary dam.

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