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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Anu Surendran

Development and Validation of a Cognitive Mental Workload Impact Scale (CMWIS) for Emergency Nurses Using Mixed Method Approach
28 JUL 2022
3.00 PM - 4.30 PM

Emergency nurses work in unfavourable, unpredictable, and dynamic work environments under time pressure that contributes high cognitive mental workload. Experiences of high cognitive mental workload by these nurses working emergency departments could result in burnout and patient harm due to error and poor performance. Yet, there are no specific subjective scales for these nurses to report and document their cognitive mental workload. The proposed research aims to develop and validate the first specific subjective scale named "cognitive mental workload impact scale" (CIMWIS), using a sequential mixed method approach. Underpinned by pragmatic paradigm approach, the scale will be developed based on emergency nurses' experiences and on sound theory. The CIMWIS measurement properties will be explored using principal component analysis and confirmatory factorial analysis. The CMWIS may have potential to inform clinical governance, adverse event analysis, risk assessment and future planning of health care sector that is aiming towards zero health worker related errors.

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