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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Stephen Seymour

Investigating the Determinants Impacting Educational Technology Implementation in Australia's Correctional Jurisdictions: A Mixed Methods Approach.
03 JUN 2022
10.00 AM - 11.30 AM
Because they facilitate prisoner student engagement with digital learning, educational technologies give access to specialised content and enhance prison education outcomes for inmates. While they are generally advantageous, across Australia, the progress and extent of the implementation of educational technologies have varied between prison jurisdictions. The variable implementation and take up of educational technologies has created equity issues. It has also led to challenges for the higher education provider to accommodate educational and learning support across the different jurisdictions. 
This research project will investigate the determinants that impact on this implementation. This study is to be conducted with specific reference to the implementation of the higher education technologies and higher education content developed as part of the University of Southern Queensland-led Making the Connection project. This research contributes to developing predictive models for supporting stakeholders, partners, and developers in designing and operationalising education technology user-centric solutions from both an educational provider (internal), custodial, and student (external) user requirements. The study is work-based with the intent to a) develop a holistic view of the phenomenon and b) develop an evidenced-based outcome that is of use in professional practice.

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