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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Wayne Richardson

International Education for UAE Students in a Local Private Secondary School.
09 JUN 2022
2.30 PM - 4.00 PM
The number of schools within national systems across the world offering an internationalised education has grown significantly in the past 20 years. Internationalised education can be viewed as an advantageous opportunity to accumulate both national and international language and cultural capital for social advancement. 

The research problem of this study is the need to examine the United Arab Emirates (UAE) students' voices and responses to experiencing an international education in a local private secondary school. The literature review of the K-12 context of international education within national systems has revealed many interpretations and purposes of international education, including curricula, stakeholder views, and in some cases students' responses. 

The conceptual framework for the enquiry encompasses concepts of an international education, integrated with the UAE education system, and exploration of student voice in this duality approach. Using an inductive approach, this research will investigate and analyse the responses of UAE students experiencing this education phenomenon. An interpretivist ethnographic sequenced design is proposed using document analysis, observations, surveys, and interviews to reach a deeper understanding of student insights. 

The document analysis and observations will assist in the survey question design then these sets of data will contribute to generating questions for semi-structured exploratory interviews. Along with cultural sensitivity, research participation is new to UAE students and parents. Hence, recruitment of participants will require extensive encouragement, without coercion. 

The possible outcomes of the research will generate a new set of more effective teaching and learning approaches and better management decision making for enhancing Emirati student engagement when experiencing an international education in a national private school context.

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