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Research Masterclass - Critical-Constructivist Grounded Theory Research

Research Masterclass - Critical-Constructivist Grounded Theory Research, Professor Heidi M. Levitt
26 MAY 2022
6.00 PM - 8.00 PM
Online via Zoom

This webinar will show you how to conduct critical-constructivist grounded theory (CCGT) research.  Grounded theory methods are well-used across the social sciences because of their ability to organize findings in a hierarchical manner that is amenable to many research aims.  They can be used in the development of theory, the analysis of social practices, the highlighting of complexities in internal experiences, and the illumination of processes examining how meaning is created.  This session is relevant to attendees who are interested in conducting grounded theory research or in learning about critical and constructivist qualitative research perspectives.  It introduces participants to these approaches and describes the central steps of CCGT.  The goal of CCGT is to develop methods that have sensitivity and utility in meeting researchers' distinctive aims.  The master class does not teach these methods in a cookbook fashion but guides attendees to tailor the use of procedures so that they become supportive of the aims in their individual projects.  Time will be allotted to consider specific projects and to answer questions related to research design. 

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The class will be led by Dr. Heidi Levitt, Author of Essentials of Critical-Constructivist Grounded Theory Research and recipient of the American Psychological Association Division 5 Award, Distinguished Contributions to Qualitative Methods.

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