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Confirmation of Candidature Terrina Bailey

Climate and honey bees: impacts of climate variability, trends, and extremes on bee forage phenology and beekeeper perceptions and practices
12 MAY 2022
2.30 PM - 4.00 PM
Online via Zoom
The beekeeping industry primarily focuses on the production of honey and relies on reliable flowering resources. Shifts in the flowering patterns of bee forage species due to a changing climate is a significant area of ecological and economic concern. This study critically reviews research into phenological responses, analyses herbarium data for evidence of phenological change in key bee forage species, investigates adaptation strategies used by beekeepers in response to climatic variability, and explores industry perceptions of climate variability and change. Greater understanding of the challenges facing the sector and the adaptive capacity of beekeepers will be of value in building a more resilient and sustainable honey production industry.