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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Mahwish Ashiq

The Intercultural Reader of English Literature in Azad Jammu & Kashmir
26 MAY 2022
11.00 AM - 12.30 PM

The study sets out with the assessment of the intercultural competence of the BS English students in English literature classrooms of Pakistan administered Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K). The phenomenon of intercultural competence received attention through Byram's (1997) model of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC). The theoretical implications of the model presented the foreign language text from an intercultural perspective. However, the practical implications of the model were comparatively weaker. Synthesizing the critique on both the dimensions enables this project to first deliberate how ICC is the starting point of the improved version of the FL classroom discourse. Second, the study evaluates the practical implications of ICC through the lens of Hoff's (2017) model of the Intercultural Reader. The model and her description of the `21st-century classroom' (2020) serve as the theoretical framework for this project. For the teaching of English literature in a demographic situation of AJ&K where there the exposure to the Western world is limited, the findings of this ethnographic study may lead to the extension of Hoff's model. The project concludes the crucial role of English literature teachers, in developing intercultural communication, where their instructions in this domain may become challenging within a specific ethnographic group but are equally inevitable from the global perspective.

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