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Workshop: Cybersecurity Policies for Interacting Agents

The workshop is intended as a place to share ideas, with a view to developing new papers in the area of cybersecurity for interacting agents.
24 MAR 2022
11.00 AM - 1.00 PM
Toowoomba - D207 and via Zoom


1. Davoud Mougouei's presentation on his previous work. [15m] 

2. Review / critique of the paper "A logic for reasoning about security" by Glasgow et al. [Ron Addie. 10-15m] 

3. Draft paper on coherence of cybersecurity policies. [Ron Addie. 10-15m] 

4. Policies for the IoT [James Northway. 15m] 

5. Diagramatic "languages" for logic in cybersecurity [James Talbot. 15m] 

6. Discussion, and proposed future work [All. 30m] 

Zoom link: