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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Thanveer Shaik

Remote Patient Monitoring via Non-Invasive Digital Technology With AI
15 MAR 2022
12.30 PM - 2.30 PM

Artificial intelligence is trending in healthcare applications with its cognitive human intelligence in decision making. Remote patient monitoring is gaining attention with advancements in sensor technology and pattern modelling. RFID technology has the potential to track mechanical waves of the internal body due to subtle motions causing changes in vital signs like heart rate and breathing rate. The subtle motion in the internal body reflects the changes in vital signs heart rate and breathing rate. The transition of one state to another state as the result of action states human behaviour. The underlying patterns of human behaviour will need to be adaptively learned using a model and set a reinforcement policy to achieve a goal of being clinically safe. Furthermore, the prediction of the vital sign would classify the physical activity of a human. To decode the behaviour patterns modelling and interpret the results for decision making, ExAI models can be employed. Considering monitoring a group of people would require personalized tracking, especially in healthcare applications, decentralized learning architecture can do this.

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