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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Suraj Shrestha

Home Garden Characteristic Amongst Laos Vulnerable Upland Rural Farmers in the Context of Food Security, Nutrition and Climate Cange.
19 JAN 2022
9.00 AM - 10.30 AM

Rural farmers rely on traditional farming methods where home gardens are a vital food source, providing diverse plant-based foods, herbs and medicinal plants that contribute to household nutrition and food security. However, due to climate change impacts and unimproved agricultural practices, crop yields are declining and vulnerable farming households’ experience severe malnutrition, food insecurity, and have low capacity to adapt to rapid climate changes. This research aims to examine and compare three group of home garden households —people with disability households, female headed households, and vulnerable households—in central Laos in relation to food security, nutrition, and climate change. Similarities and differences between the three groups’ home gardens characteristics, practices, challenges, and opportunities will be assessed and evaluated.

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