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Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines aim to ensure that our online spaces are inclusive and inviting for everyone.

Our Community Guidelines aim to ensure that our online spaces are inclusive and inviting for everyone.

By considering our Community Guidelines listed below, you can help us continue to offer a place where everyone feels welcome and is able to share their suggestions and experiences.

  • As Aretha Franklin would say… Respect. It is very important to us that you treat everyone on our pages with dignity and respect. We are committed to providing a safe environment and will not tolerate obscene or hostile language, bulling, harassment or any other behaviour of this nature across our online spaces.
  • We also ask that you be conscious of the impact of your words and refrain from posting negative comments that name University staff or students. This is not designed to be a forum for discussing political views, controversial issues or defaming members of the UniSQ community.
  • We don’t want to be ‘Negative Nancy’, but please limit link posts to UniSQ websites and non-commercial, topic-related content. All other links will be removed. Have integrity in your personal conduct when engaging, ensuring that the thoughts or content you share is your own intellectual property and you respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights.
  • Be a little cautious. We recommend that you do not reveal any personal information about yourself or other people, including phone number, email, residential address or other similar details.

Please feel free to express yourself. However, violation of these Community Guidelines will result in your post being deleted and you being blocked from our social communities and/or Open Day. We may also notify law enforcement if we believe that there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.

We welcome your feedback and acknowledge that there may come a time when you need to inform us of ways in which we can improve your student experience.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at